Equipment Management

Equipment management is a very fundamental component of a maintenance management operation. Equipment repair and replacement costs typically constitute a significant part of the budget for physical plants. Proper maintenance of your equipment can extend the life of your equipment and significantly reduce expenditures for equipment repair and replacement. To be able to schedule and manage equipment maintenance requirements, you obviously must first have an inventory of your equipment. The TM2 Equipment Management module is specifically designed to help you in this initial step: the identification and management of your equipment inventory.

It’s possible to use the TM2 Equipment Management module to track essentially any type of asset that isn’t considered a “Facility”. The Equipment Management module can be used to track anything that the maintenance management organization wants to classify, however loosely, as equipment. Other examples of items that can be managed with the TM2 Equipment Management module include:

  • Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers, Dryers
  • Fire Suppression, Fire Alarm, and Security Systems
  • Vehicles

TM2 is designed to enable tracking of all equipment components (parts) as well as the equipment itself. An indefinite number of equipment components can be associated with a specific primary piece of equipment. Equipment components or parts can also be equipment items themselves, or inventory items. Even if an equipment item is listed as a part of a parent equipment item, it also can have equipment items listed as parts. For example, a generator may have turbines listed as parts, and the turbines may have motors listed as parts, and the motors may in turn have ball bearings in inventory listed as parts.