Fleet Management

The Fleet Management module is another specialization of equipment management. In addition to the functionality provided by the Equipment Management module, Fleet Management allows the user to enter additional information specific to vehicles such as license number, make, model, and year. However, where functionality is shared between the Fleet Management module and the Equipment Management module, the interface to that functionality is the same. For example, entering fuel consumption information utilizes the same format whether added it to a vehicle record, a tool such as a lawn mower, or some other piece of equipment that consumes materials.

The Predictive Maintenance function provides capabilities to manage maintenance based on mileage and/or hours and/or time. For example, a vehicle may have a requirement to have the oil changed every 3,000 miles or every four months, whichever occurs first. This module can be used for any piece of equipment that requires maintenance based on a meter reading, such as vehicles, utility meters, generators, other engines, etc.