Human Resources

The TM2 Human Resources (HR) software is a highly integrated set of programs working with and supporting most TM2 software. This set of HR software includes:

  • Employee Management
  • Shop Records Management
  • Unit Manning Document (UMD)
  • Work Shift Management
  • Job Series Management
  • Holidays Schedule Management

Employee Management

The Employee Management software allows many employee aspects to be tracked and managed including position history, evaluations, emergency data, supervisor data, medical data, company programs and miscellaneous notes and comments.

Employee indirect time such as leave and training can be recorded in advance which then is integrated into the Scheduling Program. Employees can be coded by Type which allows for classification of part-time, full-time, temporary or contract workers.

Shop Records Management

Individual shops can be created such as Carpenter Shop, Plumbing Shop, etc., so that craftsmen and other maintenance personnel can be assigned to specific shops/cost centers.

Unit Manning Document (UMD)

A Unit Manning Document (UMD) is a list of authorized positions by shop, craft and skill level. This allows for manning comparisons and hiring projection reports to be created and shop manning shortages/overages to be reviewed.

Work Shift Management

The Work Shift program allows for multiple shifts to be identified with the work days per week and hours of work per day to be tracked.

Each shift can be given individual factors for overtime and holiday compensation and shift differential multipliers. Overtime can be set for automatic calculation based on a specified number of hours per day or per week.

Job Series Management

Job Series records can be identified for each craft and skill level with labor rates including overhead and profit percentages.

Holidays Schedule Management

Holidays can be identified for labor and scheduling interfaces.