Inventory Control 

The TM2 Inventory Management module encompasses the Material Inventory, as opposed to Equipment, Vehicles, and Tools “inventories.” Conceptually, the primary components of the Materials Inventory are:

  • Material Item records
  • The Transfer process
  • The Receiving process
  • The Issuing process
  • The Adjustment process

Once Material Item records have been established, they are automatically maintained by the four processes; there may be little occasion to return to the Material Items records to modify the data. In larger organizations, Receiving and Issuing are handled by different of­fices and different people and there are separate programs for each function.

TM2 Inventory Management enables complete tracking of all materials in multiple loca­tions and categories such as stock, non-stock, residue, bench stock, self-help, and even sup­plies. With TM2 Inventory Management, its possible to:

  • Know the items and value of Inventory at each and all locations
  • Look at any Work Order Bill of Materials and immediately ascertain the status of the materials on that BOM
  • Track material issues by date, by name, and by item, or any other criteria
  • Automatically order materials whose quantities have reached the appropriate reorder point
  • Know the quantities and locations of hazardous materials
  • Follow up on Purchase Orders by estimated delivery date
  • Have anyone in the organization (with access and authorization to the requisitions program) request materials and supplies
  • Track material expenditures
  • Commit materials on hand and on order to specific Work Orders and Shops
  • Know what Work Orders have material complete
  • Adjust the inventory and document the reason for the adjustment
  • Ensure complete accountability for your materials
  • Have planners know what materials are in residue and commit them to Work Orders

The material reordering process is completely automated; reorder levels (minimum), reor­der quantities (maximum), etc. can be established and, with the touch of a button, you can produce a report of all of the information needed to reorder, by vendor. Purchase Orders can be printed and mailed or faxed directly to the vendor from within TM2.