Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

The Recurring Work Program (RWP) module encompasses Preventive Maintenance (time-based) and Predictive Maintenance (condition-based) requirements. RWP provides plant managers with an easily updateable, automated scheduling and tracking program for all required recurring activities. Many facilities maintenance organizations simply cannot schedule or track their overwhelming amount of RWP requirements, much less analyze adherence to their established standards. RWP often takes second priority to more urgent work requirements; consequently, nonperformance of RWP exacts its toll on facilities as the infrastructure slowly deteriorates.

Preventive Maintenance refers to periodic activities, such as replacing filters in air conditioners, periodic inspections of generators, etc. Predictive Maintenance manages equipment maintenance based upon conditions rather than time. For example, a vehicle may have a requirement to have the oil changed every 3,000 miles or every four months, whichever occurs first. Predictive Maintenance is designed for any piece of equipment that requires maintenance based on a condition, such as vehicles, generators, utility meters, etc. When meter readings are recorded for these equipment items, predictive maintenance work orders are automatically generated.