An organization is often involved in large-scale projects that cannot be easily managed with just the Work Order module. For example, the renovation of a building may involve multiple divisions within your organization and multiple contractors. In such a situation it often makes more sense to divide the work into multiple work orders and contracts. TM2 allows the user to manage collections of work orders and contracts with the Project module.

The primary functions of the Project module are scheduling and cost analysis. Just as with many popular project management software applications, TM2 allows the user to specify multiple tasks for a project. Each task has its own list of resources and predecessor tasks. TM2 will not allow a task to be closed if its predecessor tasks have not been completed. Additionally the scheduled start date for a task is tied to the completion date of its predecessor tasks.

In addition to scheduling, TM2 summarizes the total estimated and actual costs for the contracts and work orders associated with a project. This facilitates the identification of large cost overruns for a project, which at the work order or contract level may appear minor.

Although TM2 does provide scheduling functionality for projects, it does not provide a graphical interface such as a Gantt chart for viewing the relationships between tasks. For this purpose we offer an add-on module that integrates TM2 with Microsoft Project.