Tool Crip Management

The Tool Management module is a specialized equipment management system within TM2. It shares much of the same functionality as the Equipment Management module, but provides additional functionality specific to the needs of managing and issuing tools and tool cribs.

Unlike equipment records, a tool record does not necessarily refer to a single specific item. Similar to inventory management, a tool record refers to a type of tool with an associated quantity. For example, instead of creating a record for each of fifty hammers and then having to locate a hammer that isnít checked out, only one record is needed. The quantity of hammers is specified at fifty, and then the tool issue facility takes into consideration that quantity when making new issues.  

However, the capability still exists to create a different record for each tool. With expensive tools, such as a nail gun, you may want to track each specific nail gun independently. This makes it possible to uniquely identify who a specific nail gun is issued to, rather than only knowing that a specific group of employees each has a nail gun issued to them.

As with equipment records, tool records can have a building location assigned to them. However, this is often not sufficient to identify the precise location of a tool. Often, a particular shop will have multiple cabinets, boxes, and shelves where tools are stored. In the Tool Management module, each of these locations can be set up as a tool box. Tools are then assigned to tool boxes, which more specifically identifies their location.