Vendor and Warranty Maintenance


Vendor information is critical support data for other TM2 applications. All asset records and material records have vendor information. Important accounting information is maintained on each vendor record such as ethnic codes, minority codes, business classifications, taxpayer numbers and corporate status. Purchasing terms and conditions can also be identified.

Bonds and Insurance

Bonding and Insurance information is accessed by accessing the certification sheet. The policy number, agent and amounts can be tracked for each vendor.


Warranty management is critical for most types of engineering services organizations. Not only are assets and facilities under warranty that are being maintained but also many of the tools, vehicles and other assets being used under warranty. TM2 allows for any type of warranty to be managed for any type of asset of building. Warranties for work orders, contracts and projects can also be identified. The purchase order for the warranty can be maintained as well. With effective dates and expiration dates identified, TM2 will help you avoid performing any type of maintenance or repair on any item under warranty.