Web-Based Customer Work Requests

In addition to the Service Order and Work Order modules, TM2 provides a Customer Work Request module. This module is designed for customers and other individuals who do not generally have access to TM2 to request work. With this module, those individuals can generate and track their own work requests over the Internet without having to contact the Service Call Desk.

Work requests are available for review and action by the Service Call Desk from a Work Request Administration module. From here, the Service Call Desk can add comments and messages to the work request, which are then available for review by the submitter. Additionally, a service order or work order can be created from and associated with the work request. Once either of these is created, an email is sent to the submitter to notify them of the change in their work request’s status. 

The Work Request module is a tool for maintenance organizations to provide better customer service while alleviating a significant work load from the Service Call Desk initiating work requests and answering queries on the status of the work request.