Work Performance Standards

The Work Performance Standards (WPS) module of TM2 is used to estimate the time and cost associated with work. This module stores a list of WPS codes that refer to specific types of work. Examples include replacing the brake pads on a vehicle or painting a building. Once these codes have been configured for the different types of work performed in your organization they can be assigned to work orders, service orders, and preventive maintenance. Assigning a WPS code to one of these types of work documents automatically sets the estimated costs and labor involved. This facilitates the scheduling process in that TM2 can then display the number of hours available for a shop and the number allocated for service orders, work orders, and preventive maintenance.

Over time these time and cost estimates can be compared with the actual labor and material costs of your work to identify deviations. This can help your organization to identify problems areas or to modify your WPS time and cost estimates to more accurately reflect your organizationís performance.