Our FKW staff provides a broad range of maintenance management services (MMS) including: consulting, training, and business solutions.   Let our staff know how we may help you with any of your MMS business needs by contacting one of our offices.


FKW Technologies can assist in establishing work control procedures; inventory control procedures; establish manning, vehicle and equipment levels and distribution; and help establish procedures for cost accounting and customer billing.

 Conversion & Integration

Data conversions and integrations with existing systems can easily be accommodated by our technical staff thus reducing startup time and data entry requirements. FKW personnel are also available for data entry operations.

 Condition Assessment & Inventory

Our engineers and technicians are available to assist in complete facility and asset inventories and providing condition assessment evaluations.


Although TM2 is perhaps the simplest of all CMMS packages to install, implement and operate, larger organizations typically desire a formal training program. On-site or off-site training is available and affordable.

 Remote Data Capture & Bar-Coding

Many different types of remote data capture and bar-coding devices are available. FKW Technologies can assist in the selection and implementation of these products with TM2.

 Other Support

FKW can provide hardware and networking solutions, provide additional on-site support, and assist in developing unique report requirements.