Protection of clients funds

Protection of Members Metals

TM2 acts as the Member’s agent and bailee with respect to the safeguarding and administration of the physical technology metals underlying any of the traded technology metals a Member holds. All technology metals recorded in a Member’s custody account are fully reserved and redeemable pursuant to the law of bailment and TM2 Rules.

Members and each accredited Custodian (vault or warehouse) has TM2’s distributed ledger with registry information installed and running on its servers. The TM2 registry is shared, replicated, and synchronised amongst the verified users of TM2, ensuring that accurate, secure and up to date trading status, balance and positions, permissions and due diligence information and data are always available. Each user is identified by a unique ID, built from a hash of personal information that keeps identification privacy safe and secure at all times.

Protection of Member’s Funds

For trading purposes, TM2 Member’s cash balances are kept in segregated accounts. Balances can be used to purchase metals or can be withdrawn and returned by bank wire transfer according to TM2 ‘s Withdrawal Policy and TM2 Rules.

TM2’s Swiss licensed payment services provider is MOGLI, an e-wallet service owned and operated by 3ATex GmbH. 3ATex’s main custodian for cash deposits is Zurich Cantonal Bank (ZKB). ZKB is the fourth largest bank in Switzerland and is wholly owned by the Canton of Zurich who, under Swiss law, guarantees all of ZKB's liabilities should ZKB default.

NOTE: These protections do not apply against a decline or loss in market value

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