Mexico Business News: TM2 Offers New Investment Market for Tradable Technology Metals

21 December 2021

TM2 Offers New Investment Market for Tradable Technology Metals

[...] Q: What goals does TM2 aim to achieve in the Mexican market?

A: First, we want to understand what we can offer the Mexican mining market. Second, we will determine the best way to enter the market and find Mexican allies. We have several objectives. One is that we want to become a great, honest, fair and transparent partner in distributing supply democratically across the world. We want to support the capacity and offer of the broker, but also be the market, which is there to package investment products. [...]
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21 December 2021
TM2 News. 6IX Webinar - HydroGraph and TM2
For TM2 to reach a far wider demand, education plays a pivotal role in our outreach. We need to educate anyone from retail to institutional investors and from many type of end users to asset managers alike. Watch this interesting conversation develop as HydroGraph and TM2 speak and answer questions.

6 December 2021
TM2 News. Iridium Deals Available on TM2
We are happy to announce the limited availability of Iridium (Ir3N5WK) trading below international market price on the TM2 Platform.

The product is issued by Walters & Koch with the following specifications: sponge (powder), with min. 99.95% purity, is now available at 128 USD / unit (one gram). The metal can be held on medium or long-term or redeemed phys...
3 December 2021
TM2 News. Mines and Money London 2021
TM2 has joined the Mines & Money London Event on the 1st and 2nd of December in order to address technology changes in the mining industries and how TM2 is in the forefront.
Michael Hollomon and Petur Georgesson share the stage with industry experts on the outlook of Battery Metals for 2022.

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