Technology metals pipeline

Technology Metals Market connects investors to metals issuers — miners, refiners, recyclers and mints. Listed metals are physically backed and insured in secure vaults across the world.
What are
technology metals?

Technology Metals are often described as critical strategic metals.
Technology metals are assets under great supply risk, making them critical for multiple industries.


Technology Metals are used in diverse end-use applications: Catalysts, batteries, semiconductors, computers, aircraft and solar panels.


Technology metals are critical to the future growth of Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, Data transfer, robotics, Aerospace technology, sustainable energy and help achieve carbon neutrality.

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Technology metal

Use sector

V Vanadium Superconductor Magnets, High-Speed Tools
Li Lithium Batteries, Dry Cells
In Indium LCDs, LEDs
Ru Ruthenium Sensors, Devices for Memory and Logic Industries, Magnetic Use
Nb Niobium High-End Technology Capacitors
C Graphite Conductors, Industrial Lubricants, Batteries for Electric Vehicles
Ge Germanium Semiconductors, Transistors, Fiber Optics, Electronics
W Tungsten Superalloys, Hard Cutting Tools
Be Beryllium Space Shuttle Parts, Computers, Lasers
Ni Nickel Batteries, Electronics
Ta Tantalum Capacitors, Metals Devices, Jet Engines
Sb Antimony Batteries, Medical Applications
Re Rhenium Aerospace Combustion Chambers, High-End Automotive Industry
Mn Manganese Batteries
Co Cobalt Batteries
Ir Iridium Computer Screens
Ti Titanium Aircraft Engines, Aerospace, Mobiles
Ga Gallium Semiconductors, Fuel Cells

The first Technology Metals Market

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