21st Century metals and beyond

Technology Metals Market is the world's first issuing and trading platform for technology metals connecting retail and institutional investors, industrial hedgers, physical markets and proprietary traders with metals issuers — miners, refiners, recyclers and mints.

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Metals are 100% backed by physical metal

TM2 traded metals are 100% physically backed. Members have direct title to the underlying physical metal and control their investment through the TM2 Platform.


All trades are settled directly with TM2

TM2 acts as the counterparty to all trades on a matched principal basis, clearing all trades in the primary and secondary markets while delivering financial and operational efficiencies to all market participants.


Comprehensive due diligence

TM2 adheres to strict compliance guidelines and operates a comprehensive due diligence program to identify, verify and monitor all market participants.

What metals can you trade?

At TM2 we enable you to trade the metals that power technology globally. Click on any of the rare elements below to find out about there commercial applications and investment potential.

A robust platform

  • Direct investment and trading market for technology metals.
  • A new asset class of metals providing true investment diversification.
  • Focus on high-growth 21st century technology sectors.
  • Global access and direct title.
  • Institutional grade and industry tested.
  • Fast, seamless and global integrated markets.


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