Why Choose TM2?

The world is phasing through an exponential growth in demand for electric vehicles, energy storage systems, semiconductors, aerospace, and robotics.

TM2 has created a unique market. The metals you can invest in on TM2 are fundamentally irreplaceable inputs to the 21st Century product supply chain, yet have few or no direct investment opportunities elsewhere.

We focus on the technology metals, precious metals, and materials that have strong technological use and are expected to appreciate as tensions in the supply/demand chain grow over the next decade.

Why choose TM2?

Direct ownership
The investor has a direct title to physical metal and controls investment through e-wallet.
No red tape
Clear, straightforward and simple procedures and rules.
TM2 metals are 100% backed by physical metal.
Digitization tracks the origin of the metal you hold, the hands it has changed and what it was used for.
TM2 metals are 100% backed by physical metal.
Technological metals are fully compliant and follow strict due diligence and AML onboarding and transaction procedures.
TM2 metals are 100% backed by physical metal.
All metal transactions and inventories viewable - 24/hr. access. Fully audited

Global access & direct title

TM2 is growing its Issuer and resource base globally to connect investors directly to technology metals issuers.

TM2 has a strategic and tactical growth plan that will rapidly drive our expanding footprint. TM2 is uniting liquidity by creating and unifying the global technology metals markets. Most of the metals on TM2 have few or no direct investment options, yet are fundamental and irreplaceable inputs into the 21st-century product supply chain. The vast majority of technology metals have no regulated institutional investor market and the options available today consist primarily of products that offer indirect exposure. TM2 is a direct title and direct investment market into the metals that will see the largest supply/demand tension and are likely to be one of the strongest asset classes of the coming decades.


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