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  • TM2 provides detailed guides, rulebook and presentations covering trading, clearing and settlement, custodian arrangements, metals contracts and many other related market matters.
  • TM2 membership agreements provide the contractual terms governing the participation of its members and other market participants.
  • TM2 maintains comprehensive due diligence requirements to assure the ethical sourcing of metals and the best practices of those involved, guaranteeing a safe and transparent marketplace.
  • TM2 maintains robust systems and controls to detect and report incidences of market manipulation and market abuse and other inappropriate trading behavior to ensure market integrity and fairness.

  • Why Join TM2 as a Member?

    Technology Metals Market is a global issuing and trading platform for technology metals connecting institutional investors, industrial hedgers, physical markets, proprietary traders, and retail investors with metal issuers, miners, refiners, recyclers, and mints.

    Traders have multiple high reward, high return opportunities doing business with TM2.

    Technology metals can be traded or held on TM2.
    1. ​ Primary producers and other accredited market participants are admitted as Issuers to TM2. 
    2. Technology metal to be listed is placed in Custody with an accredited third-party custodian.​ TM2 lists the technology metal on the primary market.​
    3. Registered and verified members are able to buy the primary issuance. Instant settlement, with 1:1 physical backing. 
    4. Metal balances are transferred to the investor’s treasury on purchase. Metal and cash balances are seamlessly transferred between the primary and secondary market. 
    5. TM2’s Custody application protects client assets from any external manipulation and controls the system book consistence, mitigating any risk of failures or fraud.​

    Available Connection Methods

    Access the Primary and Secondary Market:
    • by buying and trading metals using the TM2 Platform; or
    • by integrating the TM2 Platform with their existing trading platform, order management or portfolio management systems used by the Member to provide seamless access.
    Primary Market:

    Platform for issuing technology metals and processing initial offers on listed metals, available 24/7/365. The primary market is offer only.​

    Secondary Market:

    High-performance automated matching engine, integrated with the Primary Market. Available during trading hours of 0900-2100 GMT.

    graphic01 (1).png

    The TM2 Platform is the gateway to electronic trading on the primary and secondary markets.

    Primary Market Institutional Trader Access

    • Buy technology metals from Issuers on the Primary Market; 24/7/365.
    • Simple and easy to make bids and accept offers.
    • Multi-currency support for each bid/offer.
    • Deep market liquidity.
    • Participation in OTC deals via accredited Execution Brokers
    • Direct transfer of technology metals to any accredited Custodian.
    • Use of primary market VolumeDiscovery™.
    • Full charting and other trade analysis functions.
    • Analyst coverage from Listing Brokers.
    • Volume Discovery™ is a proprietary markets system developed by TM2 allowing participants the ability to view all metals volume distributions across the entire platform.

    Secondary Market Access

    • High performance automated order book matching engine.
    • Market and Limit orders.
    • Order Book display. (Level 1 and Level 2)
    • Advanced charting.

    Global access & Direct Title

    TM2 is growing its Issuer and resource base globally to connect investors directly to technology metals issuers.​ TM2 has a strategic and growth plan to rapidly drive our expanding footprint. TM2 is building liquidity by creating and unifying the global technology metals markets.

    The metals you can invest in on the TM2 Platform are fundamentally irreplaceable inputs to the 21st Century product supply chain, yet have few or no direct investment opportunities elsewhere.

    Other alternatives available today consist primarily of products that only offer indirect exposure. By contrast TM2 is a direct title and direct investment market into the metals that will see the largest supply/demand tension and are likely to become some of the most dynamic asset classes in the coming decades.

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