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Technology Metals Market is the first spot market where direct investment in technology metals and other technology materials like graphene and graphite is possible.
Essential to electric vehicles, aerospace, semi conductors and other high-tech industries, they are under great supply-demand tension and considered critical by the nations of the world.

TM2 has recently signed with our existing partners Gratomic to secure graphite supply, read more here. More information to follow soon.

Invest in metals. Diversify your assets. Protect your wealth.

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Metals are 100% physically backed

TM2 connects investors with real metal producers, making direct exposure possible with zero logistic costs.


Deep liquidity, 24/7

TM2 supports high volume trading any time, anywhere.


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The first Technology Metals Market

  • Direct investment in technology and precious metals
  • A new way of diversifying your portfolio
  • True exposure to technology sectors
  • Unique asset class only available on TM2

What metals can you trade?

At TM2 we enable you to trade the metals that power technology globally. Click on any of the rare elements below to find out about there commercial applications and investment potential.

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