Iridium Deals Available on TM2

6 December 2021

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We are happy to announce the limited availability of Iridium (Ir3N5WK) trading below international market price on the TM2 Platform. 

The product is issued by Walters & Koch with the following specifications: sponge (powder), with min. 99.95% purity, is now available at 128 USD / unit (one gram). The metal can be held on medium or long-term or redeemed physically. 

Iridium is critical for electronics and telecommunications systems,

widely used in catalysts, organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and 5G technologies. Its unique qualities (high melting point, hardness and resistance to corrosion) make it especially sought after for mobile phones with the widespread demand of 5G phones; in hydrogen fuel cells; and potentially as a key component in the transition to electric vehicles.

The performance of Iridium this year has led to some interesting statements:

"There’s one metal that’s leaving all commodities—and even Bitcoin—in the dust this year. The challenge for investors is buying it."

(Eddie Spence, Bloomberg) (Link to article)

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