TM2 offers the following services:

  • Primary Issuance, all year round​ Bid Listing
  • Accredited Listing Brokers​
  • Electronic trading​
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Metal Liquidity Provider Pipelines​
  • Marketing (Download the marketing resources at the bottom of the page)
  • Issuer benefits:

  • Create new basis for price formation and referencing
  • Direct sales access to an untapped global marketplace.
  • Open new pockets of deep liquidity.
  • Build a raised public profile from increased press coverage and analysts’ reports.
  • issuers.png

    When Issuers wish to list a technology metal on the platform, TM2 has two primary roles:​

  • Prior to the listing: review and approve the Issuer's offering documentation and other official materials, and Pre-Listing preparation. ​
  • Once satisfied that the Issuer complies with all relevant eligibility criteria, admit the metal to listing.
  • Listing Authority​

    Technology Metals Market establishes the rules and creates the eligibility requirements for admission and the continuing obligations that apply thereafter for Issuers and Metal Liquidity Providers through the Listing Authority. The rules and guidelines have been created based on best practice and professional guidance.

    The Path to Listing and Admission:

    Submit Completed Application Forms.
    Internal Compliance Controls Passed, 50% of Onboarding Fee due.
    Agree Terms, Schedule and Appoint Listing Broker.
    Sign Issuer Agreement with TM2.
    Prepare Institutional Prospectus and Sales Materials.
    Finalize Product Structuring, Product Development and Recurring Volumes. ​
    Agree Custody and Logistics. ​
    Appoint Persons Responsible for Managing Trading. ​
    Formulate Marketing Strategy.
    Finalize Listing and Admission​.
    Submit Final metals product structure, including proposed platform issuing fees. ​
    Submit Final Institutional Prospectus, Marketing and any other documentation to TM2 for approval. ​
    Agree “Go Live” date. ​
    Pay 50% Balance of TM2 Onboarding Fee. ​
    Complete Product Training for trading and pricing teams. ​
    Put Back Office Support (Reporting, ERP, Accounting) in place. ​
    Transfer Metal to Custodian and Give Sampling/Assaying Expert Access to the Metal.
    Listing and Admission to the TM2 Platform.
    Publish all supporting documentation and materials on TM2. ​
    Metals Listed, Admitted and Live. ​
    Pay Product Listing Fees.

    For issuers

    This Issuer’s Guide to Listing and Admission explains the onboarding process for Issuers. It outlines the necessary steps, the roles of the various counterparties, and pricing considerations.

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