TM2 leadership Farouk Abdulrazaq


President of TM2 Nigeria
Farouk graduated with a BA in Politics and History from University of Buckingham (UK) & Distinction in his MBA Oil & Gas Management from Coventry Uni, London.

He is an experienced commodity trader. A co-founder of ZOGA Ltd., he processed and exported superfoods from Nigeria to the United States whilst empowering the local community of farmers. Additionally to this he co-chaired the first National Moringa conference in Nigeria.

Farouk’s commodity expertise also extends into the oil & gas sector. He joined UAE-based firm ALSAA Petroleum as their Head of Africa with a focus towards winning term contracts and tenders on the African continent, alongside trading gasoline and gas oil.

With his wealth of experience in the commodities sector and his expertise of operating within Africa, Farouk is valuable to us as a partner in TM2.
TM2 leadership Farouk Abdulrazaq

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