Technology Metals Market Limited (“TM2”) is incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 12181988 whose registered office is at First Floor, 140 Brompton Road, London, England SW3 1HY.
The commercial sale and purchase of investment-grade physical precious metals is not in itself a regulated activity requiring authorisation or exemption under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.  Accordingly, TM2 has not sought or obtained such authorisation or exemption.
No securities or derivative products are offered or traded through TM2 and there is no functionality for short selling through the TM2 platform.

TM2 membership agreements and TM2 Rules provide the contractual terms governing the participation on the platform by Members and other market participants.

TM2 does not provide investment advice.  Any decision to purchase or sell technology metals is ultimately the trader’s own decision.


TM2 maintains a comprehensive due diligence and compliance program to ensure the mitigation and reporting of money-laundering and terrorism-financing, sanctions busting, politically exposed persons, modern day slavery and conflict linked activities in accordance with our strict compliance guidelines.

TM2 maintains robust systems and controls to detect and report incidences of market abuse and market manipulation and other inappropriate trading behaviour to ensure market integrity and fairness.

TM2 regularly monitors changes in regulation and policy impacting our compliance obligations.

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